Socially Conscious Decisions

Cleveland is a city with a plethora of restaurants and shops. Our beloved Flats is back. The Cleveland Indians are on track to play in the World Series. It’s a great time to be in Cleveland, and explore the many places to eat, drink, play and do business.

As a consumer, you have the option to choose where to go and what to buy. In making your decisions, have you thought about choosing to purchase socially conscious products? If you answered yes, you’re on trend. Research says more than ever before consumer’s care about how companies treat employees and the environment, in fact research shows 30% of the population plans to increase the amount of goods they buy from socially-responsible companies.  They want to be part of a business or product that plays to people's sense of compassion and social justice. For example, you may be familiar with TOMS, a popular shoe brand. The company is well known for its commitment to helping a person in need with every consumer purchase. 

Cleveland is home to about a dozen businesses that are committed to social enterprise. Some of these companies include Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries, Cleveland Sight Center and Bloom Bakery, which is the company I helped to develop and currently serve as general manager.  Like TOMS, these businesses strive to change lives and make a difference.

At Bloom Bakery, creating jobs is our secret ingredient and our social mission. In addition to utilizing top-of-the-line baking techniques from European artisan bakery specialist Maurice Chaplais, our breads, pastries, and café meals are prepared by staff on a pathway out of poverty.  We hire people with barriers to employment, such as a criminal record.  Our employees are extremely valuable and work extra hard to deliver a positive experience for our customers.  

We’re proud to be in the company of Cleveland’s businesses working for a social mission.  They are businesses with a heart and have high hopes for Cleveland. They want to do more than create a profit. The next time you head out to explore our great city, think about purchasing socially conscious products. We hope you keep Cleveland’s social businesses in mind. 


Logan Fahey, GM