Meet Vernon! 

Our General Manager, Logan Fahey, loves the success story of Vernon becoming our newest Baker.  Vernon heard about the bakery and asked Logan for a job.  Logan explained to Vernon if he wanted to be considered for a position he would have to complete a four week workshop through Towards Employment.  Vernon went through the program and after graduating applied to work for Bloom.  We couldn't be happier to have Vernon on the team!  He has diligently worked alongside Maurice Chaplais the last few weeks and is quickly becoming an avid bread baker. 

Get to know more about Vernon below!


Where are you from?

I am from Cleveland Ohio.

What’s your first childhood memory of baking?

My first memories of baking was with my grandmother during the holidays when family really meant something. She would bake lots and lots of chocolate cakes and sweet potato pies. Enough for everyone to have their choice of what they wanted to take home.

What’s your specialty?

My specialty I would certainly say is baked skinless chicken breast with seasoned mayonnaise and Italian bread crumbs.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your days what would it be?

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my days it would be "Crispy Southern Fried Chicken."

What’s been your experience with Towards Employment?

My experience with Towards Employment has been very enlightening. Especially when I thought that I could not learn anything from them. I received some very useful tools from them especially in the interviewing department. Also, they are continuously helpful through out the whole process of helping you find meaningful employment. Even after you've gained employment they still follow up with you to help you meet your needs until your ready.

What’s your goal while at Bloom Bakery?

My goal while at Bloom Bakery is to learn a new trade in a field where everyone benefits. Everybody loves to eat and if I can put out something that will bring smiles and satisfied stomachs to people with tasty foods and sweet pastries then I've done it right. Also, the experience in and of itself is truly a blessing.

Why is Bloom’s mission important to you?

Bloom's mission is important to me because unlike other organizations' mission statements theirs is truly dedicated to helping people like me who had employment barriers until I joined this team. The way they train and teach you as you go along is an actual highway to self-sufficiency, achievement, and literally meaningful work.