By: Logan Fahey, GM

Renowned baker Maurice Chaplais is the visionary man behind all the amazing products Bloom is bringing to downtown Cleveland.

Maurice has traveled the world teaching the art of artisan baking. He fine-tuned his art form for over 15 years as owner of the acclaimed "Flour Bag" bakery in Lechlade, UK. He went on to replicate this successful model at another bakery of the same name in Florida.

Maurice arrives in Cleveland on Monday, February 8, to help launch Bloom Bakery. Maurice will work with Saidah Farrell, Bloom’s Executive Head Baker, and the rest of the Bloom staff, instructing them on the nuances of running a bakery and mentoring them throughout the process. Bloom’s staff will learn all of Maurice’s recipes and the secrets to his success around the world.

Their apprenticeship will begin with the most fundamental step in becoming a baker: mastering the art of making bread. From flour bag to shop shelf, Maurice’s signature bread recipe takes between two and three days to complete.

Maurice previously visited Cleveland in March 2015 to help select Bloom’s future locations, develop the initial menu, and source local raw ingredients. Maurice’s passion for highlighting the best that Cleveland has to offer is evident in every aspect of the business, from our selection of locally sourced ingredients to menu items that tie into the Cleveland culture, such as our Great Lakes Beer Bread.

At Bloom, we truly believe that our people are the key to our success. Our mission is to employ those with significant obstacles to employment, such as a criminal record. The opportunity for our employees to learn the skill of handcrafted, artisan baking from Maurice is truly a game changer.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to get Bloom launched and start enjoying Maurice’s amazing recipes when we open our 200 Public Square location this March.