Meet Kaitlynd! 

When you visit our 200 Public Square location and order a latte you will meet your Bakery Associate, Kaitlynd.  We caught up with Kaitlynd to find out more about her.


Where are you from?

I am originally from Mansfield Ohio.

What’s your first childhood memory of baking?

As a child I used to bake with my grandma all the time and she would make me get my hands dirty which is something I never liked to do.

What’s your specialty?

I can cook lasagna really good. It is my grandmother's recipe.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your days what would it be?

The food I would eat for the rest of my days would be a Caesar salad.

What’s been your experience with Towards Employment?

My experience with Towards Employment was very helpful and encouraging because coming from where I came from I had lost all hope and thought I would just be right back in the same old thing but going to Towards really showed me that there is more for me than [negative]thinking.

What’s your goal while at Bloom Bakery?

My goals while working at Bloom [are] to gain new skills, be a family with my co workers, leadership skills, potentially supervise a team, and to help the next group of people that come through...I want to leave a legacy.

Why is Bloom’s mission important to you?

Bloom's mission is important because it's about helping those that have barriers to employment which is the category that I fit in and I know with the help of my immediate supervisory staff bloom is going to be a great opportunity for me...and others in the future.